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May Festival 2015 in One Minute

24th Feb 2015 10:04
May Festival 2015 in One Minute

May Festival in One Minute

17 chamber music concerts in one week? Are you mad?

Not just yet, no. But you’d be mad to miss out! It’s a week for you to completely immerse yourself in chamber music in the wonderful Crucible Studio Theatre in Sheffield. No doubt you’ll discover some new music and you might even recognise some of the “hits”. Plus we have a shed load of interactive opportunities for children as young as…well, as babies and there’s stuff for adults to get involved with too. Our annual May Festival is a must for classical music veterans and newbies alike. This years’ theme “Youth & Experience” fits that idea rather nicely, actually.


Youth & Experience? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Good job we do then. We’re going to be looking at a range of composers at different points in their lives, putting on concerts with their earliest compositions and others with their very latest. Alongside our resident musicians Ensemble 360, we’re lucky to be joined by Marmen Quartet, Peter Cropper, The Mischa Macpherson Trio and other guest players. There’s one concert where all the music in the programme was written by Mendelssohn by the time he was 17. You forget these guys started writing in their teenage years, it’s maddeningly unfair


You still get child prodigies nowadays though, just look at Justin Bieber.

I don’t think that’s quite the same.


Whatever. Look, I’m sure it’ll be a great week but will I even know any of the music?

You’ll most likely know Peter & The Wolf  which is going to be narrated by actor Richard Wilson, so that’s one I highly recommend you pop along to, especially if you’ve got kids (or if you’re a big kid, like I am). There’ll be plenty of other music where you recognise the tunes. But remember it’s all about discovery; I’m pretty excited about finding new music too!


He’s quite famous isn’t he, that Wilson guy?

That’s what they tell us. We’re also lucky enough to be joined by Simon Callow, John Rutter and Sir Thomas Allen during the festival too, all very swish and all here at Music In The Round, how lucky we are!


“Music In The Round…?”  In the round – what exactly? Round-house? Round-about? Round-about-time-you-put-the-kettle-on?

Music In The Round is the largest promoter of chamber music outside London. We pride ourselves on intimate concerts where the audience encircle the performers, quite literally, “in the round” in our home venue, The Crucible Studio Theatre. We think it makes for a very special concert experience, being so close to the musicians, plus if you’re on the front row you can tickle them with your programme (don’t do that).


Sounds pretty interesting actually… did I ever tell you about my mate’s band? They’re dead good singers, maybe you could give them a gig?

Oh, um, well, you know what, uhh– we’ve just finalised the line-up for 2015 so I don’t think we have any space for them this year, however, if they’re into singing and performing, they should come and join in some of our interactive sessions being held in The Adelphi room over the week or sign up to the John Rutter singing day on May 4th!


Note taken. Anyway, that’s an impressive amount of music making in one week. Do I have to go to all of it? It sounds exhausting if I’m honest.

Of course not! Concerts vary in length, and time of day, and you can attend as few or as many concerts as you like– though we do have season tickets available from as little as £68*, so by all means join us for the entire festival.


This light hearted guide to our May Festival was inspired by The Guardian's regular feature, Pass Notes.


* Like most entertainment venues, Sheffield Theatre’s box office chargesa transaction fee on any non-cash bookings. Therefore a charge of £1.50 (£1.00 online) applies to all non-cash bookings for events at the Theatres. The fee remains the same irrespective of the number of tickets you purchase. For events not taking place at the Theatres, there is a 10% charge on the total value of tickets bought for non-theatre venue events.

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