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Tim Horton

Sat 2 Apr 2016 7:15pm

Crucible Studio Theatre, Sheffield


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Tickets* £17.50 / £12 Disabled and Unemployed / £5 Under 35s and Students


Programme Information

BRAHMS Klavierstücke Op.119

SCHUMANN Piano Sonata in F sharp minor Op.11

SCHOENBERG Drei Klavierstücke Op.11

SCHOENBERG Six Little Piano Pieces Op.19

BEETHOVEN Piano Sonata in F minor Op.57 Appassionata

Tim Horton’s programme is a wonderful sequence of music that demands the greatest sensitivity and virtuosity on the part of the performer.

Robert Schumann’s Sonata constitutes a kind of musical love letter – “in which your theme appears in every possible form” – to his new love, later to be his wife, Clara. Sixty years later, Johannes Brahms also sent his last set of highly concentrated mood pieces to the widowed Clara for her approval. 

Schoenberg’s piano pieces carry echoes of Brahms’ writing, yet tiny, delicate motifs also reveal his later recognisable style. Beethoven’s Appassionata. Sonata is one of his most tempestuous works, and by coincidence the original manuscript became almost illegible after being drenched in a storm.


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